viera wetlands

finally...a river otter! 5/2/12finally…a river otter! 5/2/12

when we pick the boy up from school, we have a ritual of asking how his day went…usually we’ll say something like “did you do anything exciting at school today?” to which he will usually reply “no”…and then he will ask us, in turn, if we did anything exciting during the day…today when he asked, i told him about how i finally, after over a year of trying, managed to get a picture of a river otter at the wetlands today…he listened, and said, “um, that’s great…did you do anything else?” …really, i do know better…he doesn’t get nearly as psyched about this kind of thing as i do…:)


nesting season @ viera wetlands 2012

osprey’s lunch–@ viera wetlands 3/12

we were leaving the wetlands after a visit there recently, when out of the corner of my eye i spotted this osprey…i’d noticed it flying around while i was looking at the nesting anhingas and blue herons, and figured it was looking for its’ lunch…apparently, it found lunch…and in this shot, the osprey is waiting for the fish in question to hurry up and die already, so that he can safely fly away to eat it without having it wriggle out of his grasp…we pulled over to watch it for awhile, and i have to say that the fish put up quite a fight…after watching for about ten minutes, the fish still wasn’t quite dead…and the osprey continued to wait, patiently, for his lunch to be ready to be eaten…

wednesday @ the wetlands

IMG_5483vogue! anhinga @viera wetlands, 2/29/12

breeding season is in full swing for the birdies at viera wetlands…this means (so i’ve learned) that they’re even prettier and more colorful than usual in their quest to attract a mate and, well, breed…this anhinga was sitting on top of a tree flapping his wings, shaking his tailfeathers, doing a crazy dance…I suppose this is all part of the game…i wish i knew more about it…the blue-green patch around their eyes is stunning…hope it all works out for him 🙂

viera wetlands

little blue heron--viera wetlands 11/30/11little blue heron–viera wetlands 11/30/11

this morning, tom said, “do you want to take a quick ride out to viera to check out the wetlands?” i never refuse a trip to the wetlands…so we went for just a bit. it’s lovely there this time of year…the light is wonderful, and the birdies are settling into their winter homes and enjoying the beautiful weather…this little blue heron was at the edge of the pond, looking everywhere for a mid-morning snack…