waterlilies @ mckee

waterlily and its' reflection--@mckee botanical gardens, vero beach, fl 5/4/12waterlily and its’ reflection–@mckee botanical gardens, vero beach, fl 5/4/12

we found ourselves driving south on us 1 this morning…not really sure how that happened, we were just going out to the bank…but it’s friday, and it’s star wars day (…you know, may the fourth 🙂 ) and i never leave home without the camera, just in case…these things, in the minds of both the man and me, are reason enough to take a little drive…somehow we found ourselves in vero…it has been ages since i’ve been to mckee botanical gardens…the waterlilies are in bloom…so even though we didn’t have tons of time, we made a quick stop…they have the most lovely collection of waterlilies there…this one was especially nice…


waterlilies @ mckee

IMG_4539blue dragonfly on a lily stem

i always thought a dragonfly was just a dragonfly…until i started photographing them, and realized that there are many kinds of dragonflies…on the day i saw this blue fellow at mckee botanical gardens in vero beach, i also saw a red dragonfly (who eluded me…no pictures of a red one that day ;( ) and a black one…now i know they probably have ‘proper names’ that i should use when referring to them, but the book that i have for that purpose is just out of reach…and my boy is looking for his dinner and i’m rushing this post, so for now, this is just the blue one…