scenes from central florida

the view from my driveway at dusk--10/16/11the view from my driveway at dusk–10/16/11

i run out of my house to try to capture the evening sky colors and/or the sunset at least once a week…the view from my driveway at the end of the day is never the same, often amazing, usually worth taking a moment to witness…i should put together a collection of these images, and one day i will…’til then, here’s one from a few weeks back…


at the beach

frisbee at sunset--sanibel islandfrisbee at sunset–sanibel island

i am thankful for so many things, on thanksgiving day and always…one of my many blessings is living in a place with so much natural beauty…another is sharing this world I live in with my husband and my son…this image of them playing frisbee as the sun set behind them during a visit to beautiful sanibel island is one of my favorite memories…