another sunrise silhouette

Imagemy favorite time to be beachside is at sunrise…it doesn’t happen very often, since this time of day usually coincides with getting the boy ready for school…but sometimes on the weekend, i can broker a deal…cinnamon waffles with whipped cream for breakfast in exchange for a minimal amount of grumbling   from the tweener-of-the-house when we drag him out of bed to go and watch the sun come up at indialantic beach…such was the deal on a saturday morning in september…if i’m being honest, the boy’s tweener brain is thinking far better than his momma’s non-caffeinated brain does at this time of day…this shot was his idea, and he set himself up and had me shoot it…normally he’s not a fan of having his picture taken, but this was different…one that he actually likes 🙂


weekly photo challenge…silhouette

This blue heron stood on the boat launch dock at Front Street Park in Melbourne, FL bright and early in the morning a few weeks ago…he was looking for his breakfast, and I was looking at him, silhouetted by the orange glow of the sunrise over the Indian River.

sunrise on st. patrick’s day 2012

IMG_6742sunrise silhouette–@indialantic beach, fl 3/17/12

on st. patrick’s day morning when we went beachside to see the sunrise, we met a group of spring breakers sitting on the boardwalk, waiting for the sunrise, too…they were a hoot, wearing leis that they said they “found in the trunk of the car”…two of them were from cny, like us (small world) so we chatted for a moment…as we were going to leave, one of the new york girlies said that she wished there were no clouds on the horizon to “ruin” the sunrise…you can’t blame the child for her ignorance…after all, the sunrise in cny isn’t like it is at the beach so she wouldn’t know…i told her to just wait, that the clouds made the sunrise more interesting…

sunrise on st. patrick’s day 2012

IMG_6768man o’war on the shore–@ indialantic beach, fl 3/17/11

in the two-and-a-half years that i’ve lived in florida, this is only the second time that i’ve made it to the ocean to watch the sunrise…i’d definitely do it more, except the boy dislikes waking up before the sun does to sit on the beach waiting to see it awaken…but we bribed him with breakfast at the blueberry muffin (a wonderful little beachside spot…) and so we went this morning…as the sun broke over the clouds on the horizon, the boy and i walked down the beach toward a bunch of birdies (my idea was to let the boy chase them away so that I could capture them flying toward the sunrise…it kinda worked…but that’s another picture, and another story…) anyway, as we walked, a woman walked by us and warned us “be careful of the man-o-wars, there are lots of them out this morning”…sure enough, we saw three washed up by the morning tide…the colors in them are amazing, but i was surprised to see that the sunrise–and our images looking at it–are visible in the reflection off of it, like a bubble…

scenes from central florida

IMG_4169sunrise through the trees and fog–1/25/12

this was not the image i went outside to capture yesterday morning…what i saw at first was the strange and crazy grey cloud-like fog that was hovering at rooftop height across the street from my house…it was my son who looked in the other direction, toward the eastern sky in the backyard and caught a glimpse of this…the sun was in just the right place as we left to take him to school, and it cast these beautiful rays of light through the fog and trees…”try to take a picture of that” he said…this was his favorite of the three that worked out…so this is the one i chose to post…it is a bit otherworldy, isn’t it…at least i think so…