yesterday’s surf @ 2nd light–satellite beach, fl

Imagei made it out to 2nd light yesterday…so glad…good surf, talented surfers, pretty light…kind of awesome…filled a 4G card in half an hour…haven’t had time to sort through them all yet…so far, this is one of my favorites…


2nd light–2/22/12

IMG_7227riding high–@2nd light

when the morning weather forecast calls for 4-6″ waves in february (well, anytime of the year, but especially in february) it becomes necessary to make time in the day to head beachside…yesterday was such a day, so even though i had a ton to do, i made it beachside for a little while…i was not disappointed, as there were decent waves and great surfers…an added bonus was the variety of military and civilian planes landing at patrick afb across the street…it’s always cool to catch surfers, birds and planes in one shot…i caught a few of those…haven’t gotten to processing any of them yet…for now, i’m working on the surfers…i like this one…more to come, so stay tuned!:)

2nd light surfers 10/12/11

IMG_9965surfing with style

i have been so consumed with holiday preparations…but i think i’m nearing the end of the baking/crocheting/crafting/packing/wrapping…i miss going beachside to catch the surfers…in the meantime, i can at least look at some images of those i’ve already caught…:)

2nd light surfers 10/12/11

surfing with the pelicanssurfing with the pelicans

my mind is still wandering while preparing for tomorrow’s feast…thinking about how cool it must be to be surfing and have a bunch of pelicans fly past…if i were just a little bit younger (or just a little more daring…well, maybe one day…)