waterlilies @ mckee

waterlily and its' reflection--@mckee botanical gardens, vero beach, fl 5/4/12waterlily and its’ reflection–@mckee botanical gardens, vero beach, fl 5/4/12

we found ourselves driving south on us 1 this morning…not really sure how that happened, we were just going out to the bank…but it’s friday, and it’s star wars day (…you know, may the fourth 🙂 ) and i never leave home without the camera, just in case…these things, in the minds of both the man and me, are reason enough to take a little drive…somehow we found ourselves in vero…it has been ages since i’ve been to mckee botanical gardens…the waterlilies are in bloom…so even though we didn’t have tons of time, we made a quick stop…they have the most lovely collection of waterlilies there…this one was especially nice…


random awesome things

IMG_3233reflections in the shades

my sister gave my son a pair of sunglasses when she was visiting us in florida last month…they are a little big for him, but he thinks they’re extremely cool, and wears them all the time…of course, with the mirrored lenses he’s sporting, and with my fascination for reflections in my photography, he’s discovered that there is a far greater chance that I will be trying to take his picture these days…to try to capture what he sees through the reflection of his supercool shades…

at the beach

shoreline in a little one's eyesshoreline in a little one’s eyes

I was walking the beach with my camera one day in early June, when a guy called me over and asked me to take a picture of him and his little guy–baby’s first trip to the beach. Cleaning house in Lightroom today, I came across this shot from that day–my editing skills are better now than they were then, and with a few clicks, the little one’s eyes just popped, and you can see the reflection of the shoreline in his beautiful baby blues.