friday morning rainbow

In a Florida summer, you get a lot of rain…which means you also get a lot of rainbows. There were a few sprinkles outside this morning, little showers that blew in from the ocean, so it’s no surprise really that we were greeted with this sight when we went out to take the boy to school this morning.
This rainbow was wide and bright in the morning sky, easy to photograph; the most striking thing about the scene, though, were the clouds.  Against the blue morning sky, the contrast of the dark and light clouds with the colors of the rainbow made the image all the more interesting. The light changes quickly, and within a few minutes it was completely gone…so I feel all the more fortunate to have stumbled upon this at just the right moment.


scenes from central florida

tuesday night rainbow #2--7/17/12tuesday night rainbow #2–7/17/12

i love rainbows…i have loved them since i was a young girl and had a bedroom filled with rainbow-colored whatever i could find…the colors have always made me happy :)…i still love rainbows (and all colorful things)…here in central florida where it rains almost daily in summertime chasing rainbows is one of my favorite summertime activities…they are not easy to capture…timing is everything and their appearance is so brief that often by the time i notice, grab my camera and dash outside to see the rainbow it has already begun to fade…last night i got lucky though…the man was outside and called in to me “look out back”…i looked out my back window to see the most beautiful rainbow…accented by grey and white clouds passing in front of it, it was wide and bright in the early evening sky…and because my camera was ready (after an earlier failed attempt to catch a rainbow) this time i caught it…

riviera’s got talent 2012

waiting for the results--@riviera elementary school's "riviera's got talent" show, palm bay, fl 5/18/12waiting for the results–@riviera elementary school’s “riviera’s got talent” show, palm bay, fl 5/18/12

they held the first-ever talent show at the boy’s elementary school last week…it was a major undertaking by the music teacher, who pretty much took it on herself to organize and manage this large, energetic, talented bunch of kiddos…all things considered, it went off without a hitch…the performers entertained an enthusiastic audience of students, teachers and parents…the acts were fun to watch…some predictable, some a total surprise, all well-done…almost more fun to see was the expressions on the faces of the young performers…peeking from behind the curtain as they watched from backstage…standing onstage, waiting for the music to cue…relieved and proud when they finished and heard the applause…so many kinds of talent, so many talented kids…what a wonderful thing for the children to have a platform to show off what they do…what a wonderful thing for a dedicated teacher to do to give the children a chance…thank you, ms. lee! ❤

(p.s.  i almost forgot…the boy played his acoustic guitar and sang…picture to follow…:) )

florida sandhill cranes

baby's tired...sandhill crane momma and chick 5/1/12part 1–baby’s tired–sandhill crane momma and chick 5/1/12

“hey, honey–your sandhill cranes are out there”…the man and the boy refer to the crane family as “my” cranes…probably because i am so fascinated by them, still, after three years of watching them stroll back and forth through my yard as they live their day…but in three years i’ve never seen one sitting down…i’m not surprised that the baby would need a bit of a rest, their parents have made them walk a fair bit of the golf course (and adjoining yards) for most of the day in search of food pretty much from day one…but this little one decided that he’d take a break for himself…and good for him…the day was still early at this point, and he probably knew that he should take a breather while momma was busy eating…

florida sandhill cranes

IMG_3660i have a ton of work to do, catching up with all of the images i took in the midst of holiday preparations…i sort of uploaded them to lightroom and left them there until i had time to deal with them properly…this will be my focus in the next several weeks…in amongst these images are a bunch of my sandhill crane friends, who pass through my backyard on an almost daily basis…sometimes they do a little dance for me, as this one did…sometimes i’m lucky enough to have the camera handy, and all i need to do is open the back slider to catch the show…

scenes from central florida

the view from my driveway at dusk--10/16/11the view from my driveway at dusk–10/16/11

i run out of my house to try to capture the evening sky colors and/or the sunset at least once a week…the view from my driveway at the end of the day is never the same, often amazing, usually worth taking a moment to witness…i should put together a collection of these images, and one day i will…’til then, here’s one from a few weeks back…