yesterday’s surf @ 2nd light–satellite beach, fl

Imagei made it out to 2nd light yesterday…so glad…good surf, talented surfers, pretty light…kind of awesome…filled a 4G card in half an hour…haven’t had time to sort through them all yet…so far, this is one of my favorites…


at the beach

take t hese - 18just a day at the beach–@cocoa beach, fl 9/09

we decided that we wouldn’t spend money this valentine’s day on cards or candies, deciding instead to try to focus on each other rather than the ‘stuff’…my husband has a gift for always doing the most perfect thing…on a quick trip out to run some errands, he surprised me with a detour to the beach…we sat on the sand staring at the beautiful blue surf and watching the shore birdies for twenty minutes or so before having to get back to our day…truly, the best gift he could have given me today…since it was a surprise, i didn’t have my camera with me…so instead, i’m posting one of my favorite images of two of my favorite people at one of my favorite places…happy valentine’s day xo

slater brothers surf invitational 10/30/11

keeping on...@ the slater bros. surf invitational 10/30/11keeping on…in b&w–from the slater bros. surf invitational 10/30/11

i’m not good at resolutions, so i don’t make them…but january is a good time to take stock and tidy up things, so i’m trying to clean up my lightroom catalog to make room for more lovely images…i have a lot of useless images taking up space, and i need to delete them…but i can’t help trying to rescue some of the less-than-perfect ones first…it’s hard to shoot surfers when the light is wrong, but i think that sometimes b&w works…


waiting for their heat--@ slater brothers invitational, cocoa beach fl--10/30/11waiting for their heat–@ slater brothers invitational, cocoa beach fl–10/30/11

too windy to stay there for too long (my boy got tired of the wind blowing sand in his face…) but we got to see some of the semifinal heats this morning. amazing surfers!