weekly photo challenge: my 2012 in pictures

Looking back over the past year, I’m amazed at how many images I had to choose from. So many pictures…so many memories of fun times and beautiful moments that I was fortunate enough to capture.  It was darn near impossible to narrow it down to twelve…not necessarily my best, but definitely some of my favorites…I hope you enjoy looking at them (really, they look so much better as a slideshow, so if you’re inclined, just click on one of them for full-size images…you’ll also see captions to explain when and where and what you’re looking at 🙂 ) and I hope that all of my friends out there in the blogosphere have a wonderful 2013, filled with love, light, happiness and health…Happy New Year, everyone! xoxo


weekly photo challenge…silhouette

This blue heron stood on the boat launch dock at Front Street Park in Melbourne, FL bright and early in the morning a few weeks ago…he was looking for his breakfast, and I was looking at him, silhouetted by the orange glow of the sunrise over the Indian River.

gopher turtle 10/21/12

Imagesuch a beautiful day yesterday…the first real day of fall weather in central fl…took a trip to gleason park in indian harbour beach…the man went for a run, and the boy and i went for a walk around the lake…the gopher turtles were out enjoying the sunshine and a bit of lunch…i love trying to capture their faces…i’m fascinated by their tiny little teeth and their expressions…this guy was way more interested in eating his lunch than the fact that I was trying to take his picture, so he didn’t stay still for more than a moment…just long enough for me to capture this portrait…

friday morning rainbow

In a Florida summer, you get a lot of rain…which means you also get a lot of rainbows. There were a few sprinkles outside this morning, little showers that blew in from the ocean, so it’s no surprise really that we were greeted with this sight when we went out to take the boy to school this morning.
This rainbow was wide and bright in the morning sky, easy to photograph; the most striking thing about the scene, though, were the clouds.  Against the blue morning sky, the contrast of the dark and light clouds with the colors of the rainbow made the image all the more interesting. The light changes quickly, and within a few minutes it was completely gone…so I feel all the more fortunate to have stumbled upon this at just the right moment.


tern @ 2nd light--satellite beach, fltern @ 2nd light–satellite beach, fl

i’d forgotten about this…it was stuck in a file of surfer shots that i took at 2nd light back in march…i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i need to work on my workflow organization…awesome shots get lost in the shuffle…sigh…but at least i unearthed this pretty tern…he’s clearly after something, maybe his lunch…maybe he just wants to get away from me…

waterlilies @ mckee

waterlily and its' reflection--@mckee botanical gardens, vero beach, fl 5/4/12waterlily and its’ reflection–@mckee botanical gardens, vero beach, fl 5/4/12

we found ourselves driving south on us 1 this morning…not really sure how that happened, we were just going out to the bank…but it’s friday, and it’s star wars day (…you know, may the fourth 🙂 ) and i never leave home without the camera, just in case…these things, in the minds of both the man and me, are reason enough to take a little drive…somehow we found ourselves in vero…it has been ages since i’ve been to mckee botanical gardens…the waterlilies are in bloom…so even though we didn’t have tons of time, we made a quick stop…they have the most lovely collection of waterlilies there…this one was especially nice…

viera wetlands

finally...a river otter! 5/2/12finally…a river otter! 5/2/12

when we pick the boy up from school, we have a ritual of asking how his day went…usually we’ll say something like “did you do anything exciting at school today?” to which he will usually reply “no”…and then he will ask us, in turn, if we did anything exciting during the day…today when he asked, i told him about how i finally, after over a year of trying, managed to get a picture of a river otter at the wetlands today…he listened, and said, “um, that’s great…did you do anything else?” …really, i do know better…he doesn’t get nearly as psyched about this kind of thing as i do…:)