riviera’s got talent 2012

the boy, rockin' the riviera talent show 5/18/12the boy, rockin’ the riviera talent show 5/18/12

he played “gotta get up” by harry nilsson…he wore his school uniform and his chuck taylor sneaks…his hair was kind of all over the place (there was, apparently, a hard-core game of basketball on the playground immediately before the show)…he didn’t seem at all nervous as he sat at the top of the stage…he remembered all the words and managed the tricky chord changes without a problem…in other words, he did the talent show his own way…and he did an awesome job.


friends and family

the boy...plugged inthe boy…plugged in

all of my recent shots have been of birdies…and turtles…and alligators…and otters…well, you get it…so i decided to look to my massive library of neglected images for a change of scene…sometimes i think it’s good to wait a bit and revisit images after awhile, to give a different perspective on what works and what doesn’t…of course, this philosophy only works if you aren’t shooting tons and tons of pictures…which i do…so many awesome images get lost in the shuffle…i definitely need to figure out a better workflow…sigh…anyway, this one is of the boy, playing his new electric guitar, which he got as a birthday gift back in january…i like it processed this way…it sort of captures his spirit, at least in my eyes…i think he’ll like it, too…

friends and family

beginning strings playing for the residents @ town center, viera 4/20/12beginning strings playing for the residents @ town center, viera 4/20/12

the boy’s music teacher asked if i could chaperone the beginning strings kids on a field trip to play for the residents of a local assisted living facility…i knew he would prefer that i didn’t, but i also knew the teacher could use the help…so i went…i tried to stay in the background as much as possible, so as not to cramp his style…i always love to hear my children perform, and the kids did a great job…besides the cello, the boy played his guitar and sang two songs when the strings ensemble was finished…this made me smile as much as it did the residents, he is growing in skill and confidence which is beautiful to see…but what really made me smile was watching him mingling with the residents afterwards, stopping to say ‘hi’ to the people sitting there, giving a handshake (and shyly kissing a lady on top of her head when she asked him to…and thought nobody was looking…) thanking folks for coming to listen…some children are shy and uncomfortable in such a situation, but my boy has a kind soul and a certain confidence, and he seemed as happy as the residents did with the interaction they shared…i am glad i could be there to see this, because i will always remember it…

dylan’s 11th birthday

IMG_4107yes, the boy can wail!

my boy’s 11th birthday was on sunday…his birthday gift was a new-to-him electric guitar, which he chose a week earlier at the guitar center in winter park…given a budget, the boy chose quite well, a used paul reed smith with a pretty sunburst finish and excellent sound…however, when you purchase used gear at guitar center, there’s a ‘police hold’ on it if it’s been recently traded in…so you can’t pick up your purchase until so many days have passed, in case it turns out to be stolen…anyway, the police hold ended the day after his birthday, and since his dad was in orlando anyway, he swung by to pick it up, and the boy’s celebration rocked on yesterday…he so loves his new guitar…he sounds awesome playing it, too…happy birthday, my young rockstar xo

scenes from central florida

IMG_1751super rock w/the supercats @ the space coast art festival–11/26/11

our third florida holiday season–my first not working retail–so i finally got to check out the space coast art festival in cocoa beach (held every year the weekend after thanksgiving.) beautiful weather, amazing artisans…and surprise! cool music, too! my boy found simone and the supercats way more amusing than the art…they were pretty awesome…:)

asheville nc

free hugs and a steady beat--pritchard park, downtown asheville, ncfree hugs and a steady beat–pritchard park, downtown asheville, nc

my mind is wandering today as I begin preparing for our thanksgiving feast…i am thinking about our summer trip to asheville, nc…it’s a place i loved visiting, and want to go back to sometime soon…this guy and his buddy were playing in the park at lunchtime when we visited; they were trying to raise up some cash for their band’s upcoming road trip (can’t remember where they were going…alabama, maybe? hmmm…) his drumming was sweet…but his t-shirt made me stick an extra dollar in his cup.

friends and family

the boy and his guitarthe boy and his guitar–summer ’11

(my latest creative project–crocheting a rainbow afghan–has consumed me in the past few days…but I’m just about finished with it. Hopefully I can get back to focusing on my pictures once it’s done. In the meantime…I love this one of D with his guitar.)