we went beachside for the first time in ages today…the man wanted to make an introduction video for the virtual-school creative writing class he’s teaching…i thought my role was going to be to hold the bloggie while he spoke, but he said he could do it himself…which freed me up to stroll the beach for awhile…there was a small flock of terns sunning at the shoreline…it looked to me like this adult tern was lecturing his youngster…who looked bored to pieces…this reminded me of what my own kids look like when i’m trying to talk to them…so i had to take their picture…:)


shorebirds and snowbirds 3/1/12

IMG_5659sideways!–tern in flight, melbourne beach, fl 3/1/12

some birds are easier to photograph than others…terns fly super-fast, so try as i might, i never seem to be able to capture them…imagine my surprise when i got home from a quick trip beachside this morning to see this crazy image pop up…not the clearest, but one of the coolest…i swear my camera wasn’t tilted, this is how the dude was flying toward the shoreline…


squirrel in a tree--park at melbourne beach, fl 11/13/111squirrel in a tree–park at melbourne beach, fl 11/13/11

I didn’t take a lot of pictures at the park today–I promised Dylan I’d focus on him instead of the pictures–but while the boy was having a little snack, I tried to get a picture of a squirrel. There were a bunch of them out enjoying the beautiful day and gathering up acorns, but they don’t stay still for long. Still, I got this one…