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running on the causeway 5/12running on the causeway 5/12

“are you going running?” i asked him, as i lay in my bed this morning trying to wake up…he was walking about the bedroom, collecting his running clothes and gearing up to go out…but when he saw i was awake, he sat on the edge of the bed for a bit…he said, “what i’d really like to do is go back to sleep for a bit”…but he didn’t…he got up and got ready…he said, “i think i’ll go over to the causeway this morning…i want to go out to get the sunday paper, anyway”…and off he went for his daily run, as i lay in my bed this morning, trying to wake up…he is so much more disciplined than i am when it comes to this…i admire him for it, among other things…



anhinga with lunch--11/11/11anhinga with lunch–11/11/11

Tried again today to catch a picture of a dolphin at the 192 Causeway…failed again (although I did see a bunch of dolphins…too far off…sigh…) But I did manage to snag a shot of this anhinga with his lunch. So not a total fail, I suppose.

random awesome things

the goodyear blimp cruising up the intercoastal 11/10/11the goodyear blimp cruising up the intercoastal 11/10/11

I went out hoping to see some dolphins today…no luck there…so I went beachside to watch some surfers, and on the way home, I saw the blimp floating up in air along the intracoastal. A “glad I had my camera” moment.