gopher turtle 10/21/12

Imagesuch a beautiful day yesterday…the first real day of fall weather in central fl…took a trip to gleason park in indian harbour beach…the man went for a run, and the boy and i went for a walk around the lake…the gopher turtles were out enjoying the sunshine and a bit of lunch…i love trying to capture their faces…i’m fascinated by their tiny little teeth and their expressions…this guy was way more interested in eating his lunch than the fact that I was trying to take his picture, so he didn’t stay still for more than a moment…just long enough for me to capture this portrait…



IMG_1189swimming, swimming…turtle @ gleason park, indian harbour beach,fl

i have a hard time envisioning my nature images in black and white…maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that i live in sunny florida, where most of the time everything i see is so vivid and bright…but there’s something about this sweet turtle swimming in the lake at gleason park…i like seeing him here in b&w…what do you think?


IMG_1109portrait of an egret–@ gleason park, indian harbour beach, fl

whenever we go to the park, dylan will always ask me if i’m bringing my camera…he knows that if the answer is “yes”, there’s a decent chance that i’ll be somewhat distracted…so i try to make sure to give him his fair share of attention…on this day, his dad went for a run, and we hung out for awhile, walking around the park and having a chat…when his dad returned, I got my chance to shoot a few pictures of the egrets and the turtles that were sunning at the edge of the pond in the park…the light was very nice, and this birdie was quite obliging…all in all, a family outing that was fun for all…


basking in the late afternoon sun at gleason park, indian harbour beach, fl--11/12/11basking in the late afternoon sun at gleason park, indian harbour beach, fl–11/12/11

–not a typical “beach” picture…but anyplace over the causeway is considered “beachside”, right? 🙂 anyway…saw this sweet turtle hanging out at gleason park this afternoon.