board walk blowup 2013, part 2–roman hager

Full disclosure here:  I know nothing about skimboarding. Nada. Zip. Not a thing.  But I don’t need anyone to tell me that I saw something kind of amazing at the Board Walk Blowup at Indialantic Beach this past weekend.


His name is Roman Hager, he’s 7 years old, and he scored himself 1st place in the Mini Division at the contest. Like, wow.


I suppose I expected to see amazing talent at this contest; after all, it was a pro/am event.  There were so many awesome, crazy talented skimboarders there. And then there was Roman.


Watching this little dude hanging with the big boys and girls, waiting for his wave…seeing him go for it with no fear and so much skill…my mind was totally blown. He’s 7 years old. Wow.


And it wasn’t just his skill in the water, but his confidence on the beach that was something to see.  He was clearly in his element…running into each wave with a sense of determination and purpose…and you don’t need to know anything about the sport to notice the respect that Roman was getting from competitors twice and three times his age.


There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be seeing Roman again. In the meantime, thanks to the social media/internet world we live in, keeping up with him will be easy–the little dude’s everywhere (you can check out his Facebook fan page here🙂




board walk blowup 2013…part 1

I love shooting surfers…I try to make it up to 2nd Light whenever the conditions are good and I have the time…but this weekend, I found a new love. Skimboarding.

The Board Walk Blowup was held this past weekend in Indialantic, and Tom and I were looking for something to do while the boy was hanging out at the mall with his friend, so we headed over beachside to check it out.

IMG_9219 IMG_9129 IMG_8971

Yes, I love shooting surfers; but shooting skimboarders is more fun for me because, to be honest, my equipment is perfectly suited for it. The action is much closer to the shoreline, so with my 100-400mm lens I can grab action like this:

IMG_9178 IMG_9160 IMG_8991

There were so many amazingly talented skimboarders…but as with surfers, I am most amazed by the youngest talent…so I couldn’t help but capturing this awesome little grom. His dad saw his pictures on my Facebook fan page and friended me, so I learned that his name is Roman Hager, and he went on to place first in his division…7 years old, and he’s sponsored…he skateboards too…mind blown!


I found myself shooting tons of pictures of this fearless little dude…enough for another post…stay tuned…

friends and family

running on the causeway 5/12running on the causeway 5/12

“are you going running?” i asked him, as i lay in my bed this morning trying to wake up…he was walking about the bedroom, collecting his running clothes and gearing up to go out…but when he saw i was awake, he sat on the edge of the bed for a bit…he said, “what i’d really like to do is go back to sleep for a bit”…but he didn’t…he got up and got ready…he said, “i think i’ll go over to the causeway this morning…i want to go out to get the sunday paper, anyway”…and off he went for his daily run, as i lay in my bed this morning, trying to wake up…he is so much more disciplined than i am when it comes to this…i admire him for it, among other things…

sunrise on st. patrick’s day 2012

IMG_6742sunrise silhouette–@indialantic beach, fl 3/17/12

on st. patrick’s day morning when we went beachside to see the sunrise, we met a group of spring breakers sitting on the boardwalk, waiting for the sunrise, too…they were a hoot, wearing leis that they said they “found in the trunk of the car”…two of them were from cny, like us (small world) so we chatted for a moment…as we were going to leave, one of the new york girlies said that she wished there were no clouds on the horizon to “ruin” the sunrise…you can’t blame the child for her ignorance…after all, the sunrise in cny isn’t like it is at the beach so she wouldn’t know…i told her to just wait, that the clouds made the sunrise more interesting…

random awesome things

IMG_3233reflections in the shades

my sister gave my son a pair of sunglasses when she was visiting us in florida last month…they are a little big for him, but he thinks they’re extremely cool, and wears them all the time…of course, with the mirrored lenses he’s sporting, and with my fascination for reflections in my photography, he’s discovered that there is a far greater chance that I will be trying to take his picture these days…to try to capture what he sees through the reflection of his supercool shades…

random awesome things

IMG_3570we spent part of our last day of 2011 walking the beach at indialantic…it was a gorgeous day, so the beach was pretty crowded…but we walked for awhile, away from the crowds…and we stumbled upon this beautiful sandcastle…obviously created with much love and care, finding it was an unexpected surprise…welcome, 2012!

scenes from central florida

IMG_1558ahhh, duct tape…on the railing of the 192 causeway pedestrian walk–indialantic, fl

i pass by this bit of railing several times a week as i walk/jog/stare over the 192 causeway…and i still giggle every time i see it…gotta love duct tape…