another sunrise silhouette

Imagemy favorite time to be beachside is at sunrise…it doesn’t happen very often, since this time of day usually coincides with getting the boy ready for school…but sometimes on the weekend, i can broker a deal…cinnamon waffles with whipped cream for breakfast in exchange for a minimal amount of grumbling   from the tweener-of-the-house when we drag him out of bed to go and watch the sun come up at indialantic beach…such was the deal on a saturday morning in september…if i’m being honest, the boy’s tweener brain is thinking far better than his momma’s non-caffeinated brain does at this time of day…this shot was his idea, and he set himself up and had me shoot it…normally he’s not a fan of having his picture taken, but this was different…one that he actually likes 🙂


random awesome things

IMG_5026atlas v rocket, from my backyard 2/24/12

it still amazes me, the things i can see from my backyard…i almost forgot that there was a rocket launching from kennedy space center this evening…but i remembered about five minutes before it went up, just enough time to switch lenses and walk out to the backyard…ksc is probably 40-some-odd miles from my home, but looking to the north, i was able to see this atlas v rocket heading off into space, carrying with it the first of five navy satellites that will be launching in the near future…you can see the glow of the rocket boosters so clearly…i do love living on the space coast…