tern @ 2nd light--satellite beach, fltern @ 2nd light–satellite beach, fl

i’d forgotten about this…it was stuck in a file of surfer shots that i took at 2nd light back in march…i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i need to work on my workflow organization…awesome shots get lost in the shuffle…sigh…but at least i unearthed this pretty tern…he’s clearly after something, maybe his lunch…maybe he just wants to get away from me…


shorebirds and snowbirds 3/1/12

IMG_5659sideways!–tern in flight, melbourne beach, fl 3/1/12

some birds are easier to photograph than others…terns fly super-fast, so try as i might, i never seem to be able to capture them…imagine my surprise when i got home from a quick trip beachside this morning to see this crazy image pop up…not the clearest, but one of the coolest…i swear my camera wasn’t tilted, this is how the dude was flying toward the shoreline…


IMG_2903flying into the wind

we were at the beach yesterday with my sister’s family, who were visiting from upstate new york…so my focus was on taking pictures of people, not birdies…but it was breezy at the shore, and the birds were having a difficult time flying…i could not resist shifting my focus from the children playing in the sand to the poor birds trying to make their way through the breeze…note to self: this is a wonderful time to capture sea birds in flight, since they spend a good deal of time hovering, motionless, trying to navigate in the wind…