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running on the causeway 5/12running on the causeway 5/12

“are you going running?” i asked him, as i lay in my bed this morning trying to wake up…he was walking about the bedroom, collecting his running clothes and gearing up to go out…but when he saw i was awake, he sat on the edge of the bed for a bit…he said, “what i’d really like to do is go back to sleep for a bit”…but he didn’t…he got up and got ready…he said, “i think i’ll go over to the causeway this morning…i want to go out to get the sunday paper, anyway”…and off he went for his daily run, as i lay in my bed this morning, trying to wake up…he is so much more disciplined than i am when it comes to this…i admire him for it, among other things…


loffredos, o’bryans and leubners <3

my brother and memy brother and me

today is my brother’s birthday…my plan was to try to find some hilarious picture from our childhood to post on his facebook page as a “happy birthday” message (shhhh…don’t tell…it’s early yet and I still may get to that 🙂 )…but then i came across this…it’s the most recent picture of the two of us, taken when he visited orlando with his family at the holidays this past december…i hadn’t seen him in awhile…he’s a busy man with a big beautiful family and a demanding new job that has him relocating to a new state, so he’s in the midst of a huge transition…he’s used to a certain amount of chaos, and he handles it well…even on vacation, i don’t think i saw him skip a beat…he works hard and plays hard, too…my brother is a happy guy, and fun seems to follow him wherever he goes…at the end of our time together on this day, we posed for the obligatory family pictures…usually i weasel out of being in the pictures because i am taking them…but my husband snapped this picture of my brother and me…i’m glad he did, because i don’t have many pictures of the two of us and this one is nice…it was good to be able to see him after so long, and hopefully i’ll be able to visit him in his new home one of these days…love you, brother…happy birthday xo xo xo

friends and family

the boy...plugged inthe boy…plugged in

all of my recent shots have been of birdies…and turtles…and alligators…and otters…well, you get it…so i decided to look to my massive library of neglected images for a change of scene…sometimes i think it’s good to wait a bit and revisit images after awhile, to give a different perspective on what works and what doesn’t…of course, this philosophy only works if you aren’t shooting tons and tons of pictures…which i do…so many awesome images get lost in the shuffle…i definitely need to figure out a better workflow…sigh…anyway, this one is of the boy, playing his new electric guitar, which he got as a birthday gift back in january…i like it processed this way…it sort of captures his spirit, at least in my eyes…i think he’ll like it, too…

at the beach

take t hese - 18just a day at the beach–@cocoa beach, fl 9/09

we decided that we wouldn’t spend money this valentine’s day on cards or candies, deciding instead to try to focus on each other rather than the ‘stuff’…my husband has a gift for always doing the most perfect thing…on a quick trip out to run some errands, he surprised me with a detour to the beach…we sat on the sand staring at the beautiful blue surf and watching the shore birdies for twenty minutes or so before having to get back to our day…truly, the best gift he could have given me today…since it was a surprise, i didn’t have my camera with me…so instead, i’m posting one of my favorite images of two of my favorite people at one of my favorite places…happy valentine’s day xo

friends and family

looking up to big brolooking up to big bro

i have three sons, and while they are somewhat separated in age (there are five years between the first two, and their little brother was born seven years later) their birthdays fall within the same week in january…in my household, it’s known as “birthday week”…today is my oldest son’s birthday, and the beginning of birthday week…it seems like only yesterday that he was the tiny baby…today he is 23 years old, a strong, sweet, handsome young man…tomorrow my middle child will be 18…and next sunday, the baby of the bunch (a baby no more!) will be 11…truly amazing, when i think about it…and truly blessed, I am…happy birthday week, my boys xo

loffredos, o’bryans and leubners <3

IMG_2701blue eyes, blue cotton candy

i had a chat on the phone with my little man max today…i guess he’s liking the crocheted beanie hat i made him for christmas (his momma says he’s been wearing it a lot the past few days…) i told him that if he liked it so much, i’d crochet him another, and asked him what color he’d like me to make it…he answered, “i dunno, you tell me what color”…so to be silly, i said, “how about purple? i’ll make you a purple one”…he giggled and said, “sure, i like purple, make it purple” (it’s nice when a little one thinks you’re funny…) when his momma got back on the phone with me, she said, “why don’t you make it blue, to match his eyes”…and you know, i think that’s an excellent idea…blue it shall be…cotton candy blue ❤


IMG_2665ellie’s mickey bling–@epcot 12/17/11

my trips to disney world are fairly male-oriented, since i mostly always go there with my husband and my boy(s)…this means no poufy princess dresses and coiffed glittery hair, no sparkly accessories, no glitz or glam…but this time, we met up with my siblings and their families…my niece ellie’s rainbow-colored beaded mickey bracelet kept catching my eye…a pretty, shiny, sparkly bit of girlieness ❤