gopher turtle 10/21/12

Imagesuch a beautiful day yesterday…the first real day of fall weather in central fl…took a trip to gleason park in indian harbour beach…the man went for a run, and the boy and i went for a walk around the lake…the gopher turtles were out enjoying the sunshine and a bit of lunch…i love trying to capture their faces…i’m fascinated by their tiny little teeth and their expressions…this guy was way more interested in eating his lunch than the fact that I was trying to take his picture, so he didn’t stay still for more than a moment…just long enough for me to capture this portrait…


viera wetlands

little blue heron--viera wetlands 11/30/11little blue heron–viera wetlands 11/30/11

this morning, tom said, “do you want to take a quick ride out to viera to check out the wetlands?” i never refuse a trip to the wetlands…so we went for just a bit. it’s lovely there this time of year…the light is wonderful, and the birdies are settling into their winter homes and enjoying the beautiful weather…this little blue heron was at the edge of the pond, looking everywhere for a mid-morning snack…


one leg, one wing--blue heron @ the 192 causeway 11/18/11one leg, one wing–blue heron @ the 192 causeway 11/18/11

This dude was standing at the water’s edge, still for the longest time, before taking a stretch for himself and trying again to catch himself some lunch. I felt like I was watching heron tai-chi…graceful and purposeful, he did not care that I watched him.


squirrel in a tree--park at melbourne beach, fl 11/13/111squirrel in a tree–park at melbourne beach, fl 11/13/11

I didn’t take a lot of pictures at the park today–I promised Dylan I’d focus on him instead of the pictures–but while the boy was having a little snack, I tried to get a picture of a squirrel. There were a bunch of them out enjoying the beautiful day and gathering up acorns, but they don’t stay still for long. Still, I got this one…


basking in the late afternoon sun at gleason park, indian harbour beach, fl--11/12/11basking in the late afternoon sun at gleason park, indian harbour beach, fl–11/12/11

–not a typical “beach” picture…but anyplace over the causeway is considered “beachside”, right? 🙂 anyway…saw this sweet turtle hanging out at gleason park this afternoon.


anhinga with lunch--11/11/11anhinga with lunch–11/11/11

Tried again today to catch a picture of a dolphin at the 192 Causeway…failed again (although I did see a bunch of dolphins…too far off…sigh…) But I did manage to snag a shot of this anhinga with his lunch. So not a total fail, I suppose.