loffredos, o’bryans and leubners <3

IMG_2701blue eyes, blue cotton candy

i had a chat on the phone with my little man max today…i guess he’s liking the crocheted beanie hat i made him for christmas (his momma says he’s been wearing it a lot the past few days…) i told him that if he liked it so much, i’d crochet him another, and asked him what color he’d like me to make it…he answered, “i dunno, you tell me what color”…so to be silly, i said, “how about purple? i’ll make you a purple one”…he giggled and said, “sure, i like purple, make it purple” (it’s nice when a little one thinks you’re funny…) when his momma got back on the phone with me, she said, “why don’t you make it blue, to match his eyes”…and you know, i think that’s an excellent idea…blue it shall be…cotton candy blue ❤



IMG_2665ellie’s mickey bling–@epcot 12/17/11

my trips to disney world are fairly male-oriented, since i mostly always go there with my husband and my boy(s)…this means no poufy princess dresses and coiffed glittery hair, no sparkly accessories, no glitz or glam…but this time, we met up with my siblings and their families…my niece ellie’s rainbow-colored beaded mickey bracelet kept catching my eye…a pretty, shiny, sparkly bit of girlieness ❤


IMG_3494the view of china from across the lake…at EPCOT

the boy is going with his 5th grade class on a field trip to EPCOT tomorrow…i had volunteered to chaperone the trip, but i was sensing that the boy would rather i didn’t (and really, if i were thinking, i would have realized that it would be way more awesome to go to EPCOT without your parental unit…) so i gracefully backed out…his teacher understood…and he is so excited to “go to EPCOT with his friends.” Sigh. I am happy that he’s happy…and we can go together another time. ❤