weekly photo challenge: foreign

I live in Florida, but I have only been here for a few years; before that, I was a true Yankee, a New York girl born and raised.  So there are many things about my new home that are foreign to me, even after being here for awhile. For example, the whole surfing thing–completely foreign to me.  I can’t imagine the bravery, the confidence, the physical stamina and endurance that it takes to be able to swim out into a rough ocean and ride the waves.  I am fascinated…and surfers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  This past weekend was a double-win for me:  not only did Hurricane Sandy leave us with crazy wild waves after she blew past our coastline, but there was also a pro surf tournament going on in nearby Cocoa Beach–the Slater Brothers Invitational. ImageImageThese are pictures of a couple  of amazing professional longboard surfers taking advantage of the waves that Sandy left behind.   As I watched them, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something even more foreign to me; a little surfer dude, maybe 8 years old, donning his wetsuit to go out and join the big boys in the surf.  Now, I am momma to three boys, all with a certain degree of daredevil in them, but I cannot imagine watching them…or encouraging them…to go out into the ocean in conditions such as they were that day.  The waves were 8-10 feet high, and the ripcurrents were fierce–there was a double-red-flag warning (meaning stay the heck out of the water ’cause it’s super-dangerous!) It’s one thing for the pros to be out there, I suppose they have the experience (and the size/strength) to know what to do and how to do it. I am a little afraid of the ocean, not knowing it all that well; I suppose we are all a little afraid of what is foreign to us. But this little man seemed familiar enough; he had no fear, and his dad helped to usher him out to where the waves were breaking.  The current pushed them down the shore out of my sight…I wish it hadn’t, ’cause I really wanted to see the little dude do his thing…ImageImage


at the beach

take t hese - 18just a day at the beach–@cocoa beach, fl 9/09

we decided that we wouldn’t spend money this valentine’s day on cards or candies, deciding instead to try to focus on each other rather than the ‘stuff’…my husband has a gift for always doing the most perfect thing…on a quick trip out to run some errands, he surprised me with a detour to the beach…we sat on the sand staring at the beautiful blue surf and watching the shore birdies for twenty minutes or so before having to get back to our day…truly, the best gift he could have given me today…since it was a surprise, i didn’t have my camera with me…so instead, i’m posting one of my favorite images of two of my favorite people at one of my favorite places…happy valentine’s day xo

slater brothers surf invitational 10/30/11

keeping on...@ the slater bros. surf invitational 10/30/11keeping on…in b&w–from the slater bros. surf invitational 10/30/11

i’m not good at resolutions, so i don’t make them…but january is a good time to take stock and tidy up things, so i’m trying to clean up my lightroom catalog to make room for more lovely images…i have a lot of useless images taking up space, and i need to delete them…but i can’t help trying to rescue some of the less-than-perfect ones first…it’s hard to shoot surfers when the light is wrong, but i think that sometimes b&w works…


IMG_2903flying into the wind

we were at the beach yesterday with my sister’s family, who were visiting from upstate new york…so my focus was on taking pictures of people, not birdies…but it was breezy at the shore, and the birds were having a difficult time flying…i could not resist shifting my focus from the children playing in the sand to the poor birds trying to make their way through the breeze…note to self: this is a wonderful time to capture sea birds in flight, since they spend a good deal of time hovering, motionless, trying to navigate in the wind…

scenes from central florida

IMG_1751super rock w/the supercats @ the space coast art festival–11/26/11

our third florida holiday season–my first not working retail–so i finally got to check out the space coast art festival in cocoa beach (held every year the weekend after thanksgiving.) beautiful weather, amazing artisans…and surprise! cool music, too! my boy found simone and the supercats way more amusing than the art…they were pretty awesome…:)

slater brothers surf invitational 10/30/11

toes on the nose--@ slater brothers surf invitational 10/30/11toes on the nose–@ slater brothers surf invitational 10/30/11

…now that Halloween is over, I can get back to sorting through shots from the surf competition this weekend. This is one of my early favorites. I wish I knew more about the sport; it’s amazing to watch. But, at least after watching this fantastic surfer doing his thing, I understand what “toes on the nose” means. 🙂


waiting for their heat--@ slater brothers invitational, cocoa beach fl--10/30/11waiting for their heat–@ slater brothers invitational, cocoa beach fl–10/30/11

too windy to stay there for too long (my boy got tired of the wind blowing sand in his face…) but we got to see some of the semifinal heats this morning. amazing surfers!