friday morning rainbow

In a Florida summer, you get a lot of rain…which means you also get a lot of rainbows. There were a few sprinkles outside this morning, little showers that blew in from the ocean, so it’s no surprise really that we were greeted with this sight when we went out to take the boy to school this morning.
This rainbow was wide and bright in the morning sky, easy to photograph; the most striking thing about the scene, though, were the clouds. ¬†Against the blue morning sky, the contrast of the dark and light clouds with the colors of the rainbow made the image all the more interesting. The light changes quickly, and within a few minutes it was completely gone…so I feel all the more fortunate to have stumbled upon this at just the right moment.



IMG_2903flying into the wind

we were at the beach yesterday with my sister’s family, who were visiting from upstate new york…so my focus was on taking pictures of people, not birdies…but it was breezy at the shore, and the birds were having a difficult time flying…i could not resist shifting my focus from the children playing in the sand to the poor birds trying to make their way through the breeze…note to self: this is a wonderful time to capture sea birds in flight, since they spend a good deal of time hovering, motionless, trying to navigate in the wind…


IMG_3494the view of china from across the lake…at EPCOT

the boy is going with his 5th grade class on a field trip to EPCOT tomorrow…i had volunteered to chaperone the trip, but i was sensing that the boy would rather i didn’t (and really, if i were thinking, i would have realized that it would be way more awesome to go to EPCOT without your parental unit…) so i gracefully backed out…his teacher understood…and he is so excited to “go to EPCOT with his friends.” Sigh. I am happy that he’s happy…and we can go together another time. ‚̧

scenes from central florida

the view from my driveway at dusk--10/16/11the view from my driveway at dusk–10/16/11

i run out of my house to try to capture the evening sky colors and/or the sunset at least once a week…the view from my driveway at the end of the day is never the same, often amazing, usually worth taking a moment to witness…i should put together a collection of these images, and one day i will…’til then, here’s one from a few weeks back…