loffredos, o’bryans and leubners <3

IMG_2701blue eyes, blue cotton candy

i had a chat on the phone with my little man max today…i guess he’s liking the crocheted beanie hat i made him for christmas (his momma says he’s been wearing it a lot the past few days…) i told him that if he liked it so much, i’d crochet him another, and asked him what color he’d like me to make it…he answered, “i dunno, you tell me what color”…so to be silly, i said, “how about purple? i’ll make you a purple one”…he giggled and said, “sure, i like purple, make it purple” (it’s nice when a little one thinks you’re funny…) when his momma got back on the phone with me, she said, “why don’t you make it blue, to match his eyes”…and you know, i think that’s an excellent idea…blue it shall be…cotton candy blue ❤



IMG_2665ellie’s mickey bling–@epcot 12/17/11

my trips to disney world are fairly male-oriented, since i mostly always go there with my husband and my boy(s)…this means no poufy princess dresses and coiffed glittery hair, no sparkly accessories, no glitz or glam…but this time, we met up with my siblings and their families…my niece ellie’s rainbow-colored beaded mickey bracelet kept catching my eye…a pretty, shiny, sparkly bit of girlieness ❤

random awesome things

world market ornamentworld market ornament

i got this ornament at the end of the season last year at world market, along with a bunch of other ones…they were super marked down, so i gave in and bought a bunch, then packed them away…i found the bags they were packed away in right after thanksgiving…it was like christmas morning, opening all of the shiny pretty things…and they look lovely on my tree…

friends and family

IMG_2264new christmas lights–12/4/11

we got our christmas tree yesterday…got it in the stand and started to put lights on but half the lights wouldn’t light…so out this morning to get some new lights…dylan thought they looked sorta cool all bundled up…they look even cooler on the tree 🙂

friends and family

IMG_1797off center…dylan’s pick

so today i decided to try to get an image for a christmas card…i’m still not sure if i’m even sending them this year, but just in case…so far, no luck. we’ll try again, maybe tomorrow; but of the shots i took today, this was the boy’s favorite. i’m not sure why, but i kind of like it, too. maybe because it was an accidental capture (it’s pretty much as shot, way off to a corner…)

random awesome things

crochet snowman :) 11/21/11crochet snowman 🙂 11/21/11

people who usually receive a holiday gift from me have been given fair warning: i am giving homemade gifts this year. cookies, candies, photos and crocheted hats…possibly packaged in a “plarn” basket (if I manage to save enough plastic bags…) This guy was supposed to be a gift, too…but my boy kinda likes him…so i think i’ll be giving it to him ❤ shhhhh….don't tell, ok? 🙂