IMG_2053wildflowers at the wetlands in b&w

usually when i visit the wetlands i’m there to photograph the birds and animals that live there…but it’s hard to ignore the wildflowers…they are surely an easier subject to capture 🙂 …i don’t usually think of them in black and white…but i really like the way this image looks in b&w…it was taken back in late summer…



IMG_1189swimming, swimming…turtle @ gleason park, indian harbour beach,fl

i have a hard time envisioning my nature images in black and white…maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that i live in sunny florida, where most of the time everything i see is so vivid and bright…but there’s something about this sweet turtle swimming in the lake at gleason park…i like seeing him here in b&w…what do you think?

slater brothers surf invitational 10/30/11

keeping on...@ the slater bros. surf invitational 10/30/11keeping on…in b&w–from the slater bros. surf invitational 10/30/11

i’m not good at resolutions, so i don’t make them…but january is a good time to take stock and tidy up things, so i’m trying to clean up my lightroom catalog to make room for more lovely images…i have a lot of useless images taking up space, and i need to delete them…but i can’t help trying to rescue some of the less-than-perfect ones first…it’s hard to shoot surfers when the light is wrong, but i think that sometimes b&w works…

seth & julie

IMG_8441warming up

my focus for the past week or two has been on preparing for christmas (which, i have vowed, will be a “handmade/homemade” affair at my house…) and i am hoping to put together some kind of album for my stepson and his new bride…knowing me, i see this as more of a valentines’ day gift…hopefully…but anyway, this is one of my favorites, of the groom’s cousin warming up for his wedding ceremony performance…

friends and family

IMG_1797off center…dylan’s pick

so today i decided to try to get an image for a christmas card…i’m still not sure if i’m even sending them this year, but just in case…so far, no luck. we’ll try again, maybe tomorrow; but of the shots i took today, this was the boy’s favorite. i’m not sure why, but i kind of like it, too. maybe because it was an accidental capture (it’s pretty much as shot, way off to a corner…)

asheville nc

free hugs and a steady beat--pritchard park, downtown asheville, ncfree hugs and a steady beat–pritchard park, downtown asheville, nc

my mind is wandering today as I begin preparing for our thanksgiving feast…i am thinking about our summer trip to asheville, nc…it’s a place i loved visiting, and want to go back to sometime soon…this guy and his buddy were playing in the park at lunchtime when we visited; they were trying to raise up some cash for their band’s upcoming road trip (can’t remember where they were going…alabama, maybe? hmmm…) his drumming was sweet…but his t-shirt made me stick an extra dollar in his cup.