weekly photo challenge: geometry

Image  I love details. When we visited Asheville, NC some time ago and we walked by the old S&W Building on Patton Ave, I was taken with the beautiful art deco style of the facade…and I wanted to remember the blues and the shapes of it, so I took this shot. I don’t believe the building was occupied at the time we were there.  I hope it is now, though; it’s so beautiful, and deserves to be the home of some amazing restaurant or a funky cool shop or pub. I’ll definitely check and see the next time I find myself in Asheville…


shorebirds and snowbirds 3/1/12

IMG_5659sideways!–tern in flight, melbourne beach, fl 3/1/12

some birds are easier to photograph than others…terns fly super-fast, so try as i might, i never seem to be able to capture them…imagine my surprise when i got home from a quick trip beachside this morning to see this crazy image pop up…not the clearest, but one of the coolest…i swear my camera wasn’t tilted, this is how the dude was flying toward the shoreline…

waterlilies @ mckee

IMG_4539blue dragonfly on a lily stem

i always thought a dragonfly was just a dragonfly…until i started photographing them, and realized that there are many kinds of dragonflies…on the day i saw this blue fellow at mckee botanical gardens in vero beach, i also saw a red dragonfly (who eluded me…no pictures of a red one that day ;( ) and a black one…now i know they probably have ‘proper names’ that i should use when referring to them, but the book that i have for that purpose is just out of reach…and my boy is looking for his dinner and i’m rushing this post, so for now, this is just the blue one…

classic cars

corvair closeupcorvair closeup

The cooler weather is arriving here in Florida…along with the snowbirds, and their classic cars. Every third Thursday, there’s a classic car show in the parking lot at Hammock Landing in Palm Bay…while they have it all year round, there are definitely more cars there when the snowbirds are back in town. I took this picture at one of those shows in the springtime…looking forward to seeing some sweet hot rods and classic cars (maybe tonight??? we’ll see…)