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the boy...plugged inthe boy…plugged in

all of my recent shots have been of birdies…and turtles…and alligators…and otters…well, you get it…so i decided to look to my massive library of neglected images for a change of scene…sometimes i think it’s good to wait a bit and revisit images after awhile, to give a different perspective on what works and what doesn’t…of course, this philosophy only works if you aren’t shooting tons and tons of pictures…which i do…so many awesome images get lost in the shuffle…i definitely need to figure out a better workflow…sigh…anyway, this one is of the boy, playing his new electric guitar, which he got as a birthday gift back in january…i like it processed this way…it sort of captures his spirit, at least in my eyes…i think he’ll like it, too…


made by me!

laura's birthday bag o'plarnlaura’s birthday bag o’plarn

i made this tote bag for my sister as a birthday gift…i don’t know that everyone would appreciate such a gift the way that i knew that she would, because she is a most amazing artist, and has a great appreciation for the kind of time, effort, heart and soul that go into this kind of gift…she is my twin, so making a birthday gift for her is sort of like celebrating my own birthday, and that was the happy thought in my head as i crocheted this for her…i saved up plastic shopping sacks for months to have enough of the right colors to make it work…i think it came out pretty well, but i dunno, it’s not like her art…which is amazing and of a level that i could never reach…when she opened it, she called me to say how much she loves it…and she’s told me since about how she’s showed it to her friends, saying her sister made it for her…so I guess I did ok…and i am pleased.

dylan’s 11th birthday

IMG_4107yes, the boy can wail!

my boy’s 11th birthday was on sunday…his birthday gift was a new-to-him electric guitar, which he chose a week earlier at the guitar center in winter park…given a budget, the boy chose quite well, a used paul reed smith with a pretty sunburst finish and excellent sound…however, when you purchase used gear at guitar center, there’s a ‘police hold’ on it if it’s been recently traded in…so you can’t pick up your purchase until so many days have passed, in case it turns out to be stolen…anyway, the police hold ended the day after his birthday, and since his dad was in orlando anyway, he swung by to pick it up, and the boy’s celebration rocked on yesterday…he so loves his new guitar…he sounds awesome playing it, too…happy birthday, my young rockstar xo

made by me!

butter horn cookies--for my brian's 23rd b'daybutter horn cookies–for my brian’s 23rd b’day

my oldest baby turns 23 this weekend (…yikes! can it be???)…he’s currently living with his dad in new york and too far away for a momma-baked birthday cake, so i decided to bake him some cookies…i called him to tell him this, and ask what sort of cookies he’d like…he said, “you know the ones i want-please send me some butter horns”…they have always been his favorite, but since i sent him a double batch of them for christmas, i thought he’d be sort of over them …apparently not, because when i asked if he was sure he didn’t want something different, he answered, “of course i’m sure, the ones you sent for christmas are all gone, and they are the best of all your cookies”…he’s right, actually…they are the best! 🙂 so i baked him a batch and mailed them off to him today…

random awesome things

the most amazing burger--@ the burger place, downtown melbourne, flthe most amazing burger–@ the burger place, downtown melbourne, fl

this is my boy’s idea of what meals in heaven must be like…at the burger place in downtown melbourne, everything is hand-made and cooked to order…the buns are freshly-baked and oh-so-light and fluffy, with a beautiful shiny egg wash and the lightest sprinkling of sesame seeds…the fries are fresh-cut and skinny, perfectly salted…the burgers are hand-formed and cooked just right, with your choice of cheese and ‘extras’…served up in a cute little place with ’50’s decor and music playing…they only do one order at a time, but it’s absolutely worth the wait…we save this for ‘special occasions’, and this burger was had on my husband’s birthday after a run across the causeway…deliciousness!