weekly photo challenge…silhouette

This blue heron stood on the boat launch dock at Front Street Park in Melbourne, FL bright and early in the morning a few weeks ago…he was looking for his breakfast, and I was looking at him, silhouetted by the orange glow of the sunrise over the Indian River.



tern @ 2nd light--satellite beach, fltern @ 2nd light–satellite beach, fl

i’d forgotten about this…it was stuck in a file of surfer shots that i took at 2nd light back in march…i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i need to work on my workflow organization…awesome shots get lost in the shuffle…sigh…but at least i unearthed this pretty tern…he’s clearly after something, maybe his lunch…maybe he just wants to get away from me…

shorebirds and snowbirds 3/1/12

IMG_5659sideways!–tern in flight, melbourne beach, fl 3/1/12

some birds are easier to photograph than others…terns fly super-fast, so try as i might, i never seem to be able to capture them…imagine my surprise when i got home from a quick trip beachside this morning to see this crazy image pop up…not the clearest, but one of the coolest…i swear my camera wasn’t tilted, this is how the dude was flying toward the shoreline…

wednesday @ the wetlands

IMG_5483vogue! anhinga @viera wetlands, 2/29/12

breeding season is in full swing for the birdies at viera wetlands…this means (so i’ve learned) that they’re even prettier and more colorful than usual in their quest to attract a mate and, well, breed…this anhinga was sitting on top of a tree flapping his wings, shaking his tailfeathers, doing a crazy dance…I suppose this is all part of the game…i wish i knew more about it…the blue-green patch around their eyes is stunning…hope it all works out for him 🙂

2nd light–2/22/12

IMG_4694…you lookin’ at me???–ring-billed gull @ 2nd light, satellite beach fl

when there aren’t many people at the beach, the seagulls seem more relaxed, less apt to fly away, easier to photograph…the surfers were mostly all in the water when i was at 2nd light last week, so it was just me and TO and this bird for quite awhile…since our trip was quick and my intent was to shoot surfers, i only brought my 100-400mm lens with me…i use that lens mainly to photograph surfers and wildlife that is fairly far away…but i’m finding that the best images i get from it are the ones where my subject is not so far away…like this birdie…the bokeh is awesome, and the detail is pretty good…like the little bit of red around the eye and mouth…i think maybe another trip beachside is in order for tomorrow…

florida sandhill cranes

IMG_3660i have a ton of work to do, catching up with all of the images i took in the midst of holiday preparations…i sort of uploaded them to lightroom and left them there until i had time to deal with them properly…this will be my focus in the next several weeks…in amongst these images are a bunch of my sandhill crane friends, who pass through my backyard on an almost daily basis…sometimes they do a little dance for me, as this one did…sometimes i’m lucky enough to have the camera handy, and all i need to do is open the back slider to catch the show…


IMG_1109portrait of an egret–@ gleason park, indian harbour beach, fl

whenever we go to the park, dylan will always ask me if i’m bringing my camera…he knows that if the answer is “yes”, there’s a decent chance that i’ll be somewhat distracted…so i try to make sure to give him his fair share of attention…on this day, his dad went for a run, and we hung out for awhile, walking around the park and having a chat…when his dad returned, I got my chance to shoot a few pictures of the egrets and the turtles that were sunning at the edge of the pond in the park…the light was very nice, and this birdie was quite obliging…all in all, a family outing that was fun for all…