scenes from central florida

tuesday night rainbow #2--7/17/12tuesday night rainbow #2–7/17/12

i love rainbows…i have loved them since i was a young girl and had a bedroom filled with rainbow-colored whatever i could find…the colors have always made me happy :)…i still love rainbows (and all colorful things)…here in central florida where it rains almost daily in summertime chasing rainbows is one of my favorite summertime activities…they are not easy to capture…timing is everything and their appearance is so brief that often by the time i notice, grab my camera and dash outside to see the rainbow it has already begun to fade…last night i got lucky though…the man was outside and called in to me “look out back”…i looked out my back window to see the most beautiful rainbow…accented by grey and white clouds passing in front of it, it was wide and bright in the early evening sky…and because my camera was ready (after an earlier failed attempt to catch a rainbow) this time i caught it…


florida sandhill cranes

IMG_8411babies’ first breakfast on the golf course–4/12/12

i was sitting at my computer, enjoying the morning coffee, checking on the facebook, talking (listening) to my sister on the phone (…oops, she sometimes reads this blog…if you see this, laura, i really was paying attention to you, promise…just a little multitasking…xoxo) when out of the corner of my eye i caught sight of what i’ve been waiting to see for weeks now…our resident sandhill crane couple with their new babies, out for a morning stroll…i squealed, “ooh, the babies, the babies…gotta go…” hung up on her, grabbed my camera and flew out the door to see…she called me back later while i was editing my images to say, “really? you hung up on me for some birds?” um…yup. sorry, love…you don’t understand. it’s the babies…and i’d been waiting for them…i didn’t want to spook or threaten them, so i kept my distance …not a bad shot, but not perfect…they’re so cute, it almost doesn’t matter so much that they’re just a hair out of focus…but it’s ok, now that they’ve arrived, they’ll be back…and i will be ready with my camera to give it another go 🙂

scenes from central florida

IMG_4169sunrise through the trees and fog–1/25/12

this was not the image i went outside to capture yesterday morning…what i saw at first was the strange and crazy grey cloud-like fog that was hovering at rooftop height across the street from my house…it was my son who looked in the other direction, toward the eastern sky in the backyard and caught a glimpse of this…the sun was in just the right place as we left to take him to school, and it cast these beautiful rays of light through the fog and trees…”try to take a picture of that” he said…this was his favorite of the three that worked out…so this is the one i chose to post…it is a bit otherworldy, isn’t it…at least i think so…

florida sandhill cranes

IMG_3660i have a ton of work to do, catching up with all of the images i took in the midst of holiday preparations…i sort of uploaded them to lightroom and left them there until i had time to deal with them properly…this will be my focus in the next several weeks…in amongst these images are a bunch of my sandhill crane friends, who pass through my backyard on an almost daily basis…sometimes they do a little dance for me, as this one did…sometimes i’m lucky enough to have the camera handy, and all i need to do is open the back slider to catch the show…

backyard wildlife

portrait of a bird of prey--12/13/11portrait of a bird of prey–12/13/11

today i am elbow-deep in flour, sugar, and sprinkles…my focus is on holiday gift making/baking, so my camera is not at the ready like it usually is…but from the kitchen my husband said, “look at this hawk…it’s just standing on the lawn…” i can’t believe i was able to get my camera, put on the proper lens, slide open the back door, and actually walk slowly over to this dude…he let me get about 10 feet away before he had enough of me…he was in a nice place at a nice time of day, though, so he made for a striking image…