weekly photo challenge: geometry

Image  I love details. When we visited Asheville, NC some time ago and we walked by the old S&W Building on Patton Ave, I was taken with the beautiful art deco style of the facade…and I wanted to remember the blues and the shapes of it, so I took this shot. I don’t believe the building was occupied at the time we were there.  I hope it is now, though; it’s so beautiful, and deserves to be the home of some amazing restaurant or a funky cool shop or pub. I’ll definitely check and see the next time I find myself in Asheville…


friends and family

watching a misty mountain sunrise on the blue ridge parkway--6/12/12watching a misty mountain sunrise on the blue ridge parkway–6/12/12

tom is way more of a morning person than i am…as i write this at 7:30 am he is out for his morning run…he’s been up for at least an hour already…it’s not that i don’t like morning, more that i don’t function well before the kick-start of the morning coffee…so while i love to see the sun rise (particularly on the blue ridge parkway in north carolina) i need tom to encourage me to roll my sleepy self out the door and into the car…i’m so glad he did on this morning last week because unlike our last visit, the carolina mountains were misty and glowing…the view was somewhat surreal and changed from fog to a wash of golden haze as we twisted and turned our way down the parkway searching for the perfect spot…once we found it the light was sweet and i got some beautiful images…this is one of my favorites, my husband looking at the misty golden sunrise…happy father’s day, honey…thanks for making me wake up and share this sunrise with you…xo

asheville nc

free hugs and a steady beat--pritchard park, downtown asheville, ncfree hugs and a steady beat–pritchard park, downtown asheville, nc

my mind is wandering today as I begin preparing for our thanksgiving feast…i am thinking about our summer trip to asheville, nc…it’s a place i loved visiting, and want to go back to sometime soon…this guy and his buddy were playing in the park at lunchtime when we visited; they were trying to raise up some cash for their band’s upcoming road trip (can’t remember where they were going…alabama, maybe? hmmm…) his drumming was sweet…but his t-shirt made me stick an extra dollar in his cup.

Green River Preserve

words to live by...at green river preserve, cedar mountain ncwords to live by…at green river preserve, cedar mountain nc

dylan’s introduction to sleep-away camp this past summer left quite an impression on him; he is still dreaming about it months later, and wants to go back again next year. it is in a beautiful place–the blue ridge mountains of western north carolina–and the emphasis is very much on nature and coexisting with the environment. not a place for everyone, but definitely a place where my boy felt at home. 🙂