board walk blowup 2013…part 1

I love shooting surfers…I try to make it up to 2nd Light whenever the conditions are good and I have the time…but this weekend, I found a new love. Skimboarding.

The Board Walk Blowup was held this past weekend in Indialantic, and Tom and I were looking for something to do while the boy was hanging out at the mall with his friend, so we headed over beachside to check it out.

IMG_9219 IMG_9129 IMG_8971

Yes, I love shooting surfers; but shooting skimboarders is more fun for me because, to be honest, my equipment is perfectly suited for it. The action is much closer to the shoreline, so with my 100-400mm lens I can grab action like this:

IMG_9178 IMG_9160 IMG_8991

There were so many amazingly talented skimboarders…but as with surfers, I am most amazed by the youngest talent…so I couldn’t help but capturing this awesome little grom. His dad saw his pictures on my Facebook fan page and friended me, so I learned that his name is Roman Hager, and he went on to place first in his division…7 years old, and he’s sponsored…he skateboards too…mind blown!


I found myself shooting tons of pictures of this fearless little dude…enough for another post…stay tuned…


heading down hooker falls…two ways

While the boy was enjoying his last day of summer camp, the man and I were enjoying our last day of exploring the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. We found ourselves at Dupont State Forest, a place we discovered last year while exploring when the boy was at camp. Known for its’ beautiful waterfalls, wonderful hiking trails and recently famous as having provided the rugged outdoor setting for the movie “The Hunger Games”, it was pretty busy when we visited last Thursday.  A popular spot was the beautiful wide pool at the base of Hooker Falls, where tourists and children attending local camps were swimming and kayaking, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  In the mix we saw these guys; they were with a group of children (so I’m guessing they were camp counselors bringing their young campers on an excursion) and they were taking turns going off the falls–by kayak and by simply jumping.  Not an activity for amateurs, that’s for sure–and these guys were clearly familiar with the terrain.  Check it out…

(…the gallery thing works pretty well on here…my first time using it…for optimal image awesomeness, just click on the pics…:) )

Ah, if only I were a little bit younger…a little more daring…I’m not sure whether I’d rather kayak or jump down…if I’m being real, it probably wouldn’t have happened anyway 🙂 but it was fun watching these guys do it, and fun shooting it, too.