weekly photo challenge…silhouette

This blue heron stood on the boat launch dock at Front Street Park in Melbourne, FL bright and early in the morning a few weeks ago…he was looking for his breakfast, and I was looking at him, silhouetted by the orange glow of the sunrise over the Indian River.


friends and family

running on the causeway 5/12running on the causeway 5/12

“are you going running?” i asked him, as i lay in my bed this morning trying to wake up…he was walking about the bedroom, collecting his running clothes and gearing up to go out…but when he saw i was awake, he sat on the edge of the bed for a bit…he said, “what i’d really like to do is go back to sleep for a bit”…but he didn’t…he got up and got ready…he said, “i think i’ll go over to the causeway this morning…i want to go out to get the sunday paper, anyway”…and off he went for his daily run, as i lay in my bed this morning, trying to wake up…he is so much more disciplined than i am when it comes to this…i admire him for it, among other things…

random awesome things

IMG_3233reflections in the shades

my sister gave my son a pair of sunglasses when she was visiting us in florida last month…they are a little big for him, but he thinks they’re extremely cool, and wears them all the time…of course, with the mirrored lenses he’s sporting, and with my fascination for reflections in my photography, he’s discovered that there is a far greater chance that I will be trying to take his picture these days…to try to capture what he sees through the reflection of his supercool shades…


momma dolphin with her little one--@ 192 causeway 12/1/11momma dolphin with her little one–@ 192 causeway 12/1/11

i went over to the causeway with the intention of exercising…but i brought my camera “just in case”…the dolphins were in a nice place, not too too far from the shore, so i found a place to sit on the edge of the bridge, and watched the momma dolphins swimming with their little ones…the pelicans and anhingas were fishing, too…needless to say i did not do any jogging today…i am still perfecting the art of catching them at just the right moment, so it is not as clear as i’d like…but i caught the little one’s face, and this makes me smile 🙂

scenes from central florida

IMG_1558ahhh, duct tape…on the railing of the 192 causeway pedestrian walk–indialantic, fl

i pass by this bit of railing several times a week as i walk/jog/stare over the 192 causeway…and i still giggle every time i see it…gotta love duct tape…


one leg, one wing--blue heron @ the 192 causeway 11/18/11one leg, one wing–blue heron @ the 192 causeway 11/18/11

This dude was standing at the water’s edge, still for the longest time, before taking a stretch for himself and trying again to catch himself some lunch. I felt like I was watching heron tai-chi…graceful and purposeful, he did not care that I watched him.