weekly photo challenge: foreign

I live in Florida, but I have only been here for a few years; before that, I was a true Yankee, a New York girl born and raised.  So there are many things about my new home that are foreign to me, even after being here for awhile. For example, the whole surfing thing–completely foreign to me.  I can’t imagine the bravery, the confidence, the physical stamina and endurance that it takes to be able to swim out into a rough ocean and ride the waves.  I am fascinated…and surfers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  This past weekend was a double-win for me:  not only did Hurricane Sandy leave us with crazy wild waves after she blew past our coastline, but there was also a pro surf tournament going on in nearby Cocoa Beach–the Slater Brothers Invitational. ImageImageThese are pictures of a couple  of amazing professional longboard surfers taking advantage of the waves that Sandy left behind.   As I watched them, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something even more foreign to me; a little surfer dude, maybe 8 years old, donning his wetsuit to go out and join the big boys in the surf.  Now, I am momma to three boys, all with a certain degree of daredevil in them, but I cannot imagine watching them…or encouraging them…to go out into the ocean in conditions such as they were that day.  The waves were 8-10 feet high, and the ripcurrents were fierce–there was a double-red-flag warning (meaning stay the heck out of the water ’cause it’s super-dangerous!) It’s one thing for the pros to be out there, I suppose they have the experience (and the size/strength) to know what to do and how to do it. I am a little afraid of the ocean, not knowing it all that well; I suppose we are all a little afraid of what is foreign to us. But this little man seemed familiar enough; he had no fear, and his dad helped to usher him out to where the waves were breaking.  The current pushed them down the shore out of my sight…I wish it hadn’t, ’cause I really wanted to see the little dude do his thing…ImageImage


yesterday’s surf @ 2nd light–satellite beach, fl

Imagei made it out to 2nd light yesterday…so glad…good surf, talented surfers, pretty light…kind of awesome…filled a 4G card in half an hour…haven’t had time to sort through them all yet…so far, this is one of my favorites…

heading down hooker falls…two ways

While the boy was enjoying his last day of summer camp, the man and I were enjoying our last day of exploring the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. We found ourselves at Dupont State Forest, a place we discovered last year while exploring when the boy was at camp. Known for its’ beautiful waterfalls, wonderful hiking trails and recently famous as having provided the rugged outdoor setting for the movie “The Hunger Games”, it was pretty busy when we visited last Thursday.  A popular spot was the beautiful wide pool at the base of Hooker Falls, where tourists and children attending local camps were swimming and kayaking, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  In the mix we saw these guys; they were with a group of children (so I’m guessing they were camp counselors bringing their young campers on an excursion) and they were taking turns going off the falls–by kayak and by simply jumping.  Not an activity for amateurs, that’s for sure–and these guys were clearly familiar with the terrain.  Check it out…

(…the gallery thing works pretty well on here…my first time using it…for optimal image awesomeness, just click on the pics…:) )

Ah, if only I were a little bit younger…a little more daring…I’m not sure whether I’d rather kayak or jump down…if I’m being real, it probably wouldn’t have happened anyway 🙂 but it was fun watching these guys do it, and fun shooting it, too.

sunrise on st. patrick’s day 2012

IMG_6742sunrise silhouette–@indialantic beach, fl 3/17/12

on st. patrick’s day morning when we went beachside to see the sunrise, we met a group of spring breakers sitting on the boardwalk, waiting for the sunrise, too…they were a hoot, wearing leis that they said they “found in the trunk of the car”…two of them were from cny, like us (small world) so we chatted for a moment…as we were going to leave, one of the new york girlies said that she wished there were no clouds on the horizon to “ruin” the sunrise…you can’t blame the child for her ignorance…after all, the sunrise in cny isn’t like it is at the beach so she wouldn’t know…i told her to just wait, that the clouds made the sunrise more interesting…

random awesome things

IMG_5026atlas v rocket, from my backyard 2/24/12

it still amazes me, the things i can see from my backyard…i almost forgot that there was a rocket launching from kennedy space center this evening…but i remembered about five minutes before it went up, just enough time to switch lenses and walk out to the backyard…ksc is probably 40-some-odd miles from my home, but looking to the north, i was able to see this atlas v rocket heading off into space, carrying with it the first of five navy satellites that will be launching in the near future…you can see the glow of the rocket boosters so clearly…i do love living on the space coast…

scenes from central florida

IMG_4169sunrise through the trees and fog–1/25/12

this was not the image i went outside to capture yesterday morning…what i saw at first was the strange and crazy grey cloud-like fog that was hovering at rooftop height across the street from my house…it was my son who looked in the other direction, toward the eastern sky in the backyard and caught a glimpse of this…the sun was in just the right place as we left to take him to school, and it cast these beautiful rays of light through the fog and trees…”try to take a picture of that” he said…this was his favorite of the three that worked out…so this is the one i chose to post…it is a bit otherworldy, isn’t it…at least i think so…


IMG_3880it’s hard to give an autograph with a gun in your hand 🙂 stormtrooper autograph session during star wars weekend @ disney’s hollywood studios

the holiday break is almost over, and the kids go back to school on monday…my boy is currently in the midst of a full-on ‘star wars’ kick, and we have been watching marathons of the whole series for the past two-and-a-half weeks…acting it out with star wars legos, too…the boy is even working on his own little ‘movie’, his own creation that has to do with discovering jedi secrets…so as episode III is playing in the background (which i keep referring to as the “6th one” despite having been corrected on this fact numerous times 🙂 ) i couldn’t help but post this image of a stormtrooper signing autographs for young fans at last year’s star wars weekend…