my morning lizard capture

Sitting at my computer this morning, I saw movement on the floor to the right of me, out of the corner of my eye. Never good…and less so when I’m home alone without the man or the boy to scream for…for it means that there is a creature of some sort that needs to be captured. Not my favorite thing to do.  Yes, I know that I’m making more of it than I need to; it was just a little brown anole who somehow found his way into my house. I suppose he was no happier to find himself  there on my office floor than I was to find him there. I’m sure all he wanted to find his way out…or perhaps score some breakfast…or both.  Usually I play the helpless screaming female card, and get the menfolk to round up the offending critter. But since I was on my own this morning, I had no choice but to deal with this bad boy by myself.  Not as easy as you’d think; he was a jumpy little sucker.  It took me two tries to get him situated in such a way so that I could get him safely outside, back where he belonged.  I did it…but not before taking his picture first so I could prove my bravery and skill to the man and the boy. (…as I write this, it is occurring to me that I may have just lost my shot at playing the helpless screaming female card next time…oh, well…I suspect they knew it was an act all along…:) )


One thought on “my morning lizard capture

  1. I remember growing up with these things darting around our yard. We don’t have them in Georgia, and even though I don’t miss them…brings back tons of memories:) Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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