riviera’s got talent 2012

waiting for the results--@riviera elementary school's "riviera's got talent" show, palm bay, fl 5/18/12waiting for the results–@riviera elementary school’s “riviera’s got talent” show, palm bay, fl 5/18/12

they held the first-ever talent show at the boy’s elementary school last week…it was a major undertaking by the music teacher, who pretty much took it on herself to organize and manage this large, energetic, talented bunch of kiddos…all things considered, it went off without a hitch…the performers entertained an enthusiastic audience of students, teachers and parents…the acts were fun to watch…some predictable, some a total surprise, all well-done…almost more fun to see was the expressions on the faces of the young performers…peeking from behind the curtain as they watched from backstage…standing onstage, waiting for the music to cue…relieved and proud when they finished and heard the applause…so many kinds of talent, so many talented kids…what a wonderful thing for the children to have a platform to show off what they do…what a wonderful thing for a dedicated teacher to do to give the children a chance…thank you, ms. lee! ❤

(p.s.  i almost forgot…the boy played his acoustic guitar and sang…picture to follow…:) )


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