loffredos, o’bryans and leubners <3

my brother and memy brother and me

today is my brother’s birthday…my plan was to try to find some hilarious picture from our childhood to post on his facebook page as a “happy birthday” message (shhhh…don’t tell…it’s early yet and I still may get to that 🙂 )…but then i came across this…it’s the most recent picture of the two of us, taken when he visited orlando with his family at the holidays this past december…i hadn’t seen him in awhile…he’s a busy man with a big beautiful family and a demanding new job that has him relocating to a new state, so he’s in the midst of a huge transition…he’s used to a certain amount of chaos, and he handles it well…even on vacation, i don’t think i saw him skip a beat…he works hard and plays hard, too…my brother is a happy guy, and fun seems to follow him wherever he goes…at the end of our time together on this day, we posed for the obligatory family pictures…usually i weasel out of being in the pictures because i am taking them…but my husband snapped this picture of my brother and me…i’m glad he did, because i don’t have many pictures of the two of us and this one is nice…it was good to be able to see him after so long, and hopefully i’ll be able to visit him in his new home one of these days…love you, brother…happy birthday xo xo xo


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