florida sandhill cranes

baby's tired...sandhill crane momma and chick 5/1/12part 1–baby’s tired–sandhill crane momma and chick 5/1/12

“hey, honey–your sandhill cranes are out there”…the man and the boy refer to the crane family as “my” cranes…probably because i am so fascinated by them, still, after three years of watching them stroll back and forth through my yard as they live their day…but in three years i’ve never seen one sitting down…i’m not surprised that the baby would need a bit of a rest, their parents have made them walk a fair bit of the golf course (and adjoining yards) for most of the day in search of food pretty much from day one…but this little one decided that he’d take a break for himself…and good for him…the day was still early at this point, and he probably knew that he should take a breather while momma was busy eating…


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