gwmaa super bowl game 4/14/12

found the hole! :)found the hole! 🙂

the boy has a friend who plays football…his team had a great season and made it to the league super bowl game this past weekend…i do so love to take action pictures…unfortunately for me, my knowledge of football is pretty limited…i can make awesome snacks to eat while watching the game, but most of the time i’m kinda lost with regard to the action…another story…anyway…my method of photographing these kinds of events is to keep an eye out for something moving and shoot like crazy…maybe that’s what the pros do too…except that they probably have a better handle on what they’re looking at…my husband saw this shot and explained how it shows that the defense did a great job of creating a hole for the kid with the ball to run through…of course he knows about football…my eleven-year-old boy who doesn’t play knows more about football than i do…and really, it makes a lot of sense once the man explains it to me…i suppose i could just pretend like i know what i’m shooting…it’ll make me look more legit…but hey, whatever works in the end, right? and i think this shot is pretty good…so i guess i’m ok…


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