sunrise on st. patrick’s day 2012

IMG_6768man o’war on the shore–@ indialantic beach, fl 3/17/11

in the two-and-a-half years that i’ve lived in florida, this is only the second time that i’ve made it to the ocean to watch the sunrise…i’d definitely do it more, except the boy dislikes waking up before the sun does to sit on the beach waiting to see it awaken…but we bribed him with breakfast at the blueberry muffin (a wonderful little beachside spot…) and so we went this morning…as the sun broke over the clouds on the horizon, the boy and i walked down the beach toward a bunch of birdies (my idea was to let the boy chase them away so that I could capture them flying toward the sunrise…it kinda worked…but that’s another picture, and another story…) anyway, as we walked, a woman walked by us and warned us “be careful of the man-o-wars, there are lots of them out this morning”…sure enough, we saw three washed up by the morning tide…the colors in them are amazing, but i was surprised to see that the sunrise–and our images looking at it–are visible in the reflection off of it, like a bubble…


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