2nd light–2/22/12

IMG_4694…you lookin’ at me???–ring-billed gull @ 2nd light, satellite beach fl

when there aren’t many people at the beach, the seagulls seem more relaxed, less apt to fly away, easier to photograph…the surfers were mostly all in the water when i was at 2nd light last week, so it was just me and TO and this bird for quite awhile…since our trip was quick and my intent was to shoot surfers, i only brought my 100-400mm lens with me…i use that lens mainly to photograph surfers and wildlife that is fairly far away…but i’m finding that the best images i get from it are the ones where my subject is not so far away…like this birdie…the bokeh is awesome, and the detail is pretty good…like the little bit of red around the eye and mouth…i think maybe another trip beachside is in order for tomorrow…


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