made by me!

laura's birthday bag o'plarnlaura’s birthday bag o’plarn

i made this tote bag for my sister as a birthday gift…i don’t know that everyone would appreciate such a gift the way that i knew that she would, because she is a most amazing artist, and has a great appreciation for the kind of time, effort, heart and soul that go into this kind of gift…she is my twin, so making a birthday gift for her is sort of like celebrating my own birthday, and that was the happy thought in my head as i crocheted this for her…i saved up plastic shopping sacks for months to have enough of the right colors to make it work…i think it came out pretty well, but i dunno, it’s not like her art…which is amazing and of a level that i could never reach…when she opened it, she called me to say how much she loves it…and she’s told me since about how she’s showed it to her friends, saying her sister made it for her…so I guess I did ok…and i am pleased.


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