made by me!

butter horn cookies--for my brian's 23rd b'daybutter horn cookies–for my brian’s 23rd b’day

my oldest baby turns 23 this weekend (…yikes! can it be???)…he’s currently living with his dad in new york and too far away for a momma-baked birthday cake, so i decided to bake him some cookies…i called him to tell him this, and ask what sort of cookies he’d like…he said, “you know the ones i want-please send me some butter horns”…they have always been his favorite, but since i sent him a double batch of them for christmas, i thought he’d be sort of over them …apparently not, because when i asked if he was sure he didn’t want something different, he answered, “of course i’m sure, the ones you sent for christmas are all gone, and they are the best of all your cookies”…he’s right, actually…they are the best! 🙂 so i baked him a batch and mailed them off to him today…


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