portrait of a ten-year-old

We recently traveled back home to central New York for my stepson’s wedding.  It had been the first time we’d been back to New York since moving to Florida a few years back, and the rolling hills, soft grass and green deciduous trees of Finger Lakes country were a beautiful, welcome sight, especially for Dylan, who misses the familiar landscape of our old home.  So when we had a few moments to sit and relax on the hillside overlooking beautiful Canandaigua Lake, I thought it might be a nice opportunity to take a portrait of Dylan sitting there basking in the late summer sunlight.  Only I’d forgotten one thing:  ten-year-old boys hate having their picture taken. My first few attempts at “natural” got me this:

Then, I got this:

Realizing that there was no way the boy would willingly pose, I decided to back off, and shoot him from afar.

…and from behind, when he was listening to his iPod…

Maybe when he’s a little older, he won’t mind posing.  But for now, I’ll just try to catch whatever moment I can.  Those are the best ones, anyway. ❤


One thought on “portrait of a ten-year-old

  1. He is the cutest. He always took a great picture and my is he getting big. Tell him that Ma still loves him and the pictures you take of him.

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