saturday night rainbow

We had just finished our dinner, and were lingering at the table over a glass of wine an a little small-talk, when my husband remarked at the weirdness of the early evening sky.  There were dark clouds in the southeastern part of the sky, and the rays of the sunset shining in the western sky.  “This is the kind of sky that you’ll find a rainbow in,” he said, as he walked to the back sliding door to check.  Sure enough, there was a rainbow in the sky, and he’d barely gotten the words out when I jumped up from the table and grabbed my camera as I headed for the door.  I walked through the wet grass in the back yard toward the abandoned golf course that backs our property, chasing the glimmer of color that had shown through my back window until I reached the open field.  Looking up, I was treated to a full rainbow over the expanse of the golf course. The light drizzle (which I hadn’t noticed until I got outside) and the humidity made my camera lens fog up, but I kept wiping it off and shooting from different angles, hoping to capture it before the light changed and it was no more.  It was a beautiful sight, and as I sat on the wet ground trying to capture the whole thing in one shot, I wondered how many of my neighbors had noticed this awesome sight in their backyards.  I felt special, sitting there in the rain with this gorgeous rainbow overhead, as if it were a gift just for me.  However, I am not comfortable with those sorts of gifts; to me, such beauty isn’t meant for only one person to enjoy, but should be shared and enjoyed by many people.  I hope that at least a few of my neighbors were blessed with the gift of this rainbow last Saturday night.  If they missed it, well, I can at least point them this way.


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